History of BCo/100BN “JapaneseAmerican” Reenactment Group

The history of BCo/100Bn of a Reenactment group(WW2 USARMY “Japanese=American” Infantry) was summarized. We celebrated the 10th anniversary of foundation by the end of this year. We participated in many camps and events in these ten years. Music:One PukaPuka Song Arrangement H/MIX Gallery www.hmix.net WW2アメリカ陸軍日系部隊リエナクトメントグループ「BCo/100Bn」は10周年を迎えました。 自分達の記念に、この10年の軌跡を纏めてみました。 なお音楽は第100歩兵大隊の歌「One PukaPuka song」をH/MIX Gallery様www.hmix.net 歌詞One Puka Puka Infantry We are the boys from Hawaii Nei, We are fighting for you and the red white and blue, We are going to the front And back to Honolulu Lu Lu Fighting for dear old Uncle Sam. What the hell! we don’t give a damn! Let the come and run, At the point of the gun, When One Hundred leads the way, I mua E (Fight! Fight! Fight!) I mua E (Fight! Fight! Fight!) From Pearl Harbor to Italy and France I mua E (Fight! Fight! Fight!) I mua E (Fight! Fight! Fight!) All hail, our fighting team!