The List. | Three |

| Selena | Her breath stocked and her eyes widened. She never forgot him, Nick Jonas. He was her crush, and sometimes she thought back to those times to find out she still liked him in some kind of way. “Nick Jonas?” She choked out, still a little speechless. Demi couldn’t help but giggle. “Yes, Nick Jonas. Your crush,” She laughed and she turned left at the crossover. “Still remember him?” Selena’s lips made a –tsch- sound as she looked like Demi said something crazy. “Kinda, I mean.. It’s so long ago,” She saw how Demi looked at Taylor and bit her lip, trying to hold in her laughter. But of course their peppy Taylor couldn’t keep it in and burst out laughing. “What?” Selena crossed her arms over her chest as she leaned back on her seat. She furrowed her eyebrows as Taylor and Demi kept on laughing. “Look on the road Dems!” She hissed. “Sorry Sel,” Demi tried to stop laughing and she held her eyes on the road. “But you don’t think we actually believe you forgot about your big high school crush?” “Exactly,” Selena said. “High school,” She smirked at her comeback. “That’s so long ago, it’s all a blur,” “Sure,” Demi nodded, but Selena could see she bit her lip again in the mirror. She just sighed and looked out the window. Demi was right, but she couldn’t know. It would be stupid if she still had a crush on Nick, it were 6 years. | Nick | “Hey Joe,” He smiled at his best friend since high school and gave him a manly hug. “Long time no see,” “That’s why you shouldn’t live