50 things to do before I die my bucket list

Become and LGBT spokesperson write a book release an album raise £1000 for kemp live in 2 states of the US become a nurse ride in a hot air balloon see the northern lights meet one direction donate to Redditch hospital (ward 17) get married and have kids pay it forward send a message in a bottle get 100 subs meet destery moore and nate owens have a wiki paage sing with Christofer Drew Ingle give blood have a USA roadtrip meet Molly learn to play a musical instrument face my fear fo escuaters save someone’s life be skinnier protest about animal testing go to gay pride in Cali find out if I’m dylexic love someone withh all my heart forgive my enimies (meh) inspire someone hula dance in Hawaii walk on the moon and leave the LGBT flag grow old with my partner grow out of being awkward smile at memories, not cry be welcomed into heaven by my Grandma’s have my Grandad give me away at my wedding follow at least one of my dreams ask out my crush stay myslef take Ryan to prom xox say “hi mom” on national tv news fall in love so hard it hurts find my ipod work as ahair?makeup artist be a carefree mofo have a pet alien (Roger) show my bullies I’m fucking awesome take Kiesty around the world buy my mom and dad a house in Spain cheers darlins for watching