“Aloha Hawaii” or “Spaghetti Western meets Hawaiin Cruise ship” My birthday with my brother Steve

My brother Steve called me in the morning on the phone and sang me “Happy Birthday” so I asked him the famous question “You know what I want for my birthday?” he said “what?” I said “for you to meet me down at the pier and play a few songs with me!” but he was going for his exercise walk that starts at Torrance Beach, I said “walk to the Redondo pier, and I’ll even bring you one of my guitars to play..” so we were messing around while I was setting up the video camera, etc. then I turned it on and caught this impromptu song. Well, to me it really sounds like “Hawaii meets 1950’s Spaghetti Western”, I thought the rhythm Steve is playing was an original he came up with, but he said I had just played that chord pattern right before I got the camera rolling, so I guess it’s qualified as one of “our” originals. This is the first time we’ve played in at least a month or two, and we really had some fun and a good time, until the rain started… Oh Ya!