Ask Ron Q&A: Title Report Issues In Hawaii

Aubby Middleton Asks Ron: I am trying to close on a house that we built in Hawaii. We bought the land from a fellow in 2005 who formed a trust and we bought the Trust when the land was paced in it. He had bought the land in 1988 without a mortgage. All liens on the Title report were paid off at the time, but Title Insurance was not purchased. On the preliminary Title report for our buyer, a Mortgage from 1994 was dug up from public record, owed to Associates Financial Services of Hawaii, Inc. They were bought out by CitiFinancial, inc and their Corporate Headquarters in NC told me they were paid off in 2006, but on trying to get a release from them, I found that they were paid off because the Mortgage was sold (I was told) to LP Investments, then to S&P Capital, and then to Elite Recovery in Boston, which no longer exists. The only Elite Recovery names that I could find anywhere in the country were both auto repo companies. I am negotiating with my seller to take the property Subject To, while I work on a clear Title, but not sure how to proceed. Who do I send the QWR to to get a copy of the note? Do I start the process of a Quiet Title? I’ve been in contact with the former owner who has no recollection of a mortgage and has been very cooperative in trying to resolve this blight, but I could use some direction in which way to head. Follow me on Become a fan: Network with me: Pin with me: And don’t forget