Mic Dough is a up and coming hip hop artist out of Hawaii. He has opened up for artists such as The Clipse, Da Band, Fabolous, and Llyod Banks as well as other local artists. He is a member of Tweek Muzik a coalition of rappers all around the US. Mic Dough creates his own music and is currently finishing up his first solo mixtape titled “In Dough We Trust” Mic Dough is not your stereotypical MC. Mic Dough uses an assortment of double meaning lyrics, slick metaphores, nice word play, and catchy hooks on turnt up beats. Mic Dough relates to peoples love of making, or getting money. not to mention all the jealosy, and envy experienced with getting it. Mic Dough’s aim is to motivate people to continue getting it in spite of all odds, as well as transform themsleves from victim to victor. **You can follow Mic Dough @ ***Mic Dough is also on Facebook Search Mic Dough as well as multiple other social media sites. ***Contact for Booking @ [email protected]