Barack Obama Re-Elected as US President It was a tight race, but last night Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney to win his second term as President of the United States. It was his victory in Ohio that sealed the deal, putting him over the 270 electoral votes he needed to be reelected. Romney started very strong, winning a predictably large portion of middle-America — but Obama took a surprising number of swing-states, thanks to support from women, minorities, and moderates looking to continue on the path to change and equality. The ladies were the focus of much of last night’s news. Women from both parties took a record number of seats in the Senate, New Hampshire gained an all-female congressional delegation and a female governor, and Hawaii elected the country’s first Asian-American woman senator. The Senate itself will remain a Democratic majority, while the House of Representatives will stay largely Republican. This split guarantees that the road to change won’t be any easier than it was during Obama’s first term. But the President has promised to continue his bid for both economic and social equality. He thanked voters in an impassioned speech from Chicago, while Mitt Romney thanked his supporters for their efforts during his concession speech in Boston. If there’s anything to be taken from last night’s election, it’s that our country is seeing a remarkable and rapid amount of change. With the most positions ever in government for women, minorities, and the disabled, and the