Die beste Rollenspiel in der Welt

Ronnie & Sam are ABVs [a German rank for an officer of old East Germany]. Ronnie is an ABV because he couldn’t do anything special and Sam is on the force to seek revenge against the North Campus Cougar [der Puma], who killed his parents. They first apprehend McLieben, a jaywalker from Hawaii. They take a break inside and McLieben asks Ronnie and Sam whether they have ever had a criminal get away. Ronnie says no, but Sam has a flashback. The ABVs travel to North Campus, where they get word of a witness who saw the North Campus Cougar. The witness tells Sam a bunch of useless information but at the end tells Sam that the Cougar is due for the Wave Field. On the way there Ronnie & Sam find the murder scene of Helmut Rastalsky and eventually end up at the wave field. They run across the field to the Cougar and apprehend him. Revenge is sweet.