Digits – Where Do You Belong ▲WE SINK Remix

Follow Digits: digitsmusic.com Follow ▲WE SINK on Soundcloud: soundcloud.com Follow Bad Panda Records on Soundcloud: soundcloud.com Download the song: snd.sc About the Artists ——————————- – digitsmusic.com ——— ▲WE SINK is a future-bleepy electronic duo from Athens, Greece. Knowing each other for about 3 years they made the decision to join their production forces to establish a constant hi-fi output of uk garage influenced music with 8bit embellishments. www.facebook.com twitter.com ——————————- About the Label ——————————- Be our friend on facebook.com twitter.com and have a look at the SHOP badpandarecords.bigcartel.com Bad Panda Records is a DIY label born with a strange idea in mind one new release (singles or eps) every monday in free download under Creative Commons licenses. We stimulate people to listen, download, share and remix. We also press beautiful physical stuff, once in a while. Previous releases include : RocketNumberNine (UK), Ocelote Rojo (CHI), Monster Rally (USA), Delicate Steve (USA), Great Lake Swimmers (CAN), Frederik Teige from Efterklang (DK), Barzin (CAN), Anders Ilar (SWE), CIVIL CIVIC (AUS), Venice (IT), Southern Shores (CAN), 1-Speed Bike from Godspeed You! Black Emperor (CAN), A Weather (USA), Yawn (USA), Gareth Dickson (UK), worriedaboutsatan (UK), golau glau (UK), Gaspar Claus (FR), Teamforest (DE), The American Dollar (USA), Fuki Kureta (TUR), Possimiste (EST), memotone (UK