Elvis Presley – Blue Hawaii.

I’m Margaretha! I’m a little older than your daughter Lisa, I’m 48. I have made several trips to the DVD Elvis found alive look. I listen every day to the DVD and CD Elvis found alive. And i know it’s you. I listen with headphones and look at the details that are so typical of you. And they are all there. Elvis honey, i understand what you’ve done. That must have been very hard for you. I always thought that you were not dead. I’m so glad you’re alive. Life can sometimes be hard. I know what it is to feel you lonely and alone. My life is definitely not easy but I never give up. So never give up, keep believing. And I know, the day will come when you back very soon. Honey, my heart breaks when I hear the sadness in your voice. I know you’re a sensitive boy, where many people have benefited. Elvis, you’re so sweet and have a heart of gold. I wish I could help you more to come back. I pray for you every day, that this day will come soon. You deserve so much more. I hope and wish you to see.