Forever- A Jelena Love Story; Ch.58

When we got to the breakfast place we all got our seats and then we went to get food. It was a buffet. We all had a seat and Chaz started stuffing a waffle in his mouth, we all loked at him and laughed. “What?! Im starving!” he said. Miley kept laughing, and Chaz was smiling at her. “Your soo funny.” she said and then Chaz winked at her and she blushed. I looked at Demi and she smiling like crazy. Demi was happy for Miley and I was happy for Chaz. I can tell they really like each other. “So, who wants to go to the beach today?” Demi asked. “I do.” we all said. “Good.” she replied. “i have to go pick something up after breakfast.” I said. “Oh, what?” Demi asked. “The day of the whole surfing thingy I forgot some stuff at the beach and Drew has them, so I’m going to go collect it.” I said eating a strawberry. “Oh okay. Should I come?” she asked. I was going to say sure but then he said his room was a mess and I didnt want to embarrass him. “No, dont worry. It’ll only take 5 minutes.” I said. “I think one of us should come with you. What if you see Taylor on the way?” Ryan said. “Its okay. I wont, it’ll be quick.”I said. “I will go in and go out.” “Okaaaaay. But, if you get hurt you better not let Justin kill us.” Chaz said. I nodded and then started to eat again. When we finished we all got up and walked out of the buffet. “Im going to get my stuff.” i said walking the other direction. I walked up to Drews room and knocked on the door he answered and his room was dark and