HOGANS HEROES – odd couple – October 1985 Toms River

HOGAN’S HEROES Toms River at Matts’ 10. The Odd Couple GEORGE BARBERIO – Guitar GERRY DASEKING – Bass MATT GUNVORDAHL – Drums SCOTT CASSIDY – Vocals HOGAN’S HEROES was formed between the beach and swamps in Toms River, New Jersey, early October 1984 while the band was very young. After recording a six song demo in spring of 1985, Dave Jones AGNOSTIC FRONT booked their first show. In 1988 they were contacted by Nicky Garratt of the UK SUBS and subsequently signed to New Red Archives February of 1989. During 1984-1993 HOGAN’S HEROES released three full lengths. In 1988 “BUILT TO LAST” produced by HOGAN’S HEROES and recorded fall 1987 at Waterfront(LENNY KRAVITZ, MADONNA, BB KING, SMASHING PUMPKINS, SLASH) Studios. In 1990 “HOGAN’S HEROES”, produced by HOGAN’S HEROES & Ryk Oakley (SEX PISTOL STEVE JONES, KRAUT, UK SUBS) recorded fall 1989 at S&S(SEX PISTOLS’ STEVE JONES, KRAUT, BATTALION OF SAINTS’ Chris Smith) Studios NYC, and “3 FISTS & A MOUTHFUL” 1992, produced by George Barberio recorded after summer 1991 at Ocean Gate(ALICE COOPER, NELSON) Studios. HOGAN’S HEROES material has been released for Twenty-Four (1985-2009) years in United States, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, Australia, Middle East, Africa, Japan and the world over. Illegally and legally on STRAIGHT-ON(USA), NEW RED ARCHIVES(USA), PHD(England), FLAVOUR(Japan), J!MCO(Japan), JICK(Japan), and CLEOPATRA(USA)record labels, also illegal bloggers, worldwide friends/fans, + more HOGAN’S