Honouring Gaia in the USA

Honouring Gaia in the USA, a compilation of my trips around the world (2007-2009) : it was one Magical Carpet Ride!! This movie is all about the USA, including Hawaii and the Bahamas Experienced, photographed and created by Carolina van der Heide / Crystal Heart NB not photoshopped in any way, sorry some photo’s/movies (made by a simple photo camera) are unsharp due to excitement…..simply feel Gaia’s Beauty Music: Chi Mai, Addio A Cheyenne, Once upon a time in the West Ennio Morricone Would you also love to broaden your horizon and do you like to travel with like minded souls? Due to my expansive travel, organisation & coaching experiences (see my personal timeline under ‘about’ on Facebook*) and passion for people I am organising some mind blowing trips. New Zealand and swimming with dolphins in the Bahama’s will most probably be on the list. Themes will be JOY and stepping more into your personal power. Send me a private message with your idea’s. Love to SEE you soon! ♡♡♡ Carolina van der Heide / Crystal Heart PS please share this message with your friends and family in whatever way, shape or form * Facebook: www.facebook.com