Bonafide Enterprises LLC Owns “Humble Souljah” Trade name HONOLUA CAMP, MAui, HAWAII 1831 Owned and Operated by Sheryl and Jason Hufalar We have been creating VIDEO of actual Marketing Techniques and Developed Effective New Media for the sole purpose of ONLINE SOCIAL MARKETING strategies that ACTUALLY WORK. If YOU are interested in investing in our company, please call (808) 879-8324. Make an Appointment, be prepared to give at least and hour of your undivided attention, to sign a CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT, and pay $100 to listen to me . We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone we deem to be uncooperative. In Layman’s we don’t need your business, so please do not waste our time, or your money. We have zero tolerance for ignorance and confrontative people. Aloha