Hurt and broken: A Jemi stepdad story *episode 32*

Hey guys, I have 1152 subbies 🙂 So I know that Kara was supposed to write this eppy but she asked me to do so (Joe’s pov) “But we just spent a couple of days here” Diana said “I know but I’m homesick” She rolled her eyes. “Please” I said “I agree to go home if….” “If what?” I asked “If you lick me” Ewwww. “Ok” I fake smiled ~The next day~ (Demi’s pov) I climbed in the cab. I’m going to the airport. I know I’m supposed to say I’m going “home” but I don’t have a home anymore. I lost everything. I can’t go to the house which saw me growing because there’s my mom and I ran away from her. I can’t go back to Hawaii because Sterling probably hates me. Plus I don’t want to make him suffer anymore. I can’t go to Selena’s because she thinks I’m crazy. I can’t go to Miley’s because she fucks Joe and it would be too ackward. This is not her fault though. I know her. She wouldn’t do that if she knew that Joe and I have history together. The worst of all this is I don’t have my babies anymore. I let out a few tears that I quickly wiped. I have a plan. I’m going to find a job and work hard. Then I’ll have my children again. (Joe’s pov) We’re finally back. The flight was really long. Home sweet home they say. Yeah right. The day was not over. “Diana, we need to talk” “About what?” “I want to divorce” “What the fuck?!” “I made a mistake when I married you” “You can’t leave me! I need you!” She screamed “No you don’t. What you need is sex and you can have it from the first guy in the