I Ate Squid

2012 Hawaii: Our daughter in law, is Korean so we ate a lot of Korean food when we visited them in Hawaii (they were married while we were there). This happened at a Korean Bar-b-que restaurant. I was quite proud of myself. If you ask me what it tastes like…this particular squid was in a very hot soup…and by the time it got to my bowl…I had one of the tentacles and it looked like a white ‘curly’ fry. It was rubbery and basically flavorless. 🙂 I tell you I ate ‘raw fish’ patties, sea weed, and kimchee…(hot fermented cabbage). When we finally got to the Big Outside Mall one day, Lee and I had to walk a ways to find an Arby’s Restaurant and have some American Fast Food. Korean food is pretty good over all…but a steady diet of it would be a bit much…lol.