i think they like me ep.3/ An mb love story

2 months l8er Anna POV The boys and I are sooo close now we are like family. I wake up i see them i go to sleep i see them! In the past 2 months im starting to have feeling for all of them! they r just so sexy! We havent got to the sex scenes yet THANK GOD! Im afraid because Prince has alot of experience and i dont want to embarress myself around him. I REALLY like Roc! we kissed a couple of times and he told me he liked me but he still hasn’t asked me to go wit him. Ray is soo funny he always is making me laugh and prodigy is my bestfriend he always got my back! ROC POV Dang all i ever think about is Anna i kissed her a couple of times SHE IS A GOOD KISSER but im afraid that she will say no and my heart cant loose her Prince POV I AM HEAD OVER HEALS IN LOVE WITH ANNA! i wanna ask her out but i go speechless whenever i look at her damn i wanna pop that cherry Ray POV ANNA IS SOOO PERFECT FOE ME! I joke about her being my women so much that mayb she will get that she best b my women cuz damn she fine Prodigys POV Dude who would have thought that in 2 months i would be maddly in love wit Anna y doesnt she understand that im the brother for her! AT THE SET Danny okay guys we are gonna go to Hawaii to film the rest of the movie Prince: YES! (hugs anna) Roc: Finally we can have some fun Ray Ray: i get to cu in a bathing suit FINALLY *winks at anna Anna: RAY RAY im going to beat u! but wait can my bff come too? Danny: yeah sure Prodigy: Wait only if u marry me Roc: boy ill snap