In Love All Over Again Justlena Story; Episode 11

This one is by thelovestorieswriter….I”M BACK:) {Demi} I was just watching TV when the doorbell rings. I get up and open the door, to see the last people I would expect. Selena and Jasmine, my best friends in high school. ”Selena? Jasmine? What are you doing here?” I ask confused ”We’ll tell you, but can we come in?” Jasmine asks ”Sure, come in!” I say and they walk inside. We sit down on the couch and Selena tells me the whole story. How Justin came back. How Liam is reacting. How she ran away with Janelle and went to Jasmine ”Wait, where is Janelle?” I ask confused ”In the car, with Dacey” Selena says ”Dacey??” I ask still confused ”My child” Jasmine explains ”Ohh” I say A lot happened since high school. But I still don’t know why they’re here ”But why are you guys here actually?” I ask ”Well, Jasmine and I wanted to go on a vacation, well I wanted to go, to clear my mind, but I asked Jasmine and we figured we could ask you too” Selena says ”Yeah sure. We could go to Hawaii.” I suggest, knowing Selena always wanted to go there ”Oh my gosh yes!!” Selena says and Jasmine and I laugh ”Hawaii it is!” Jasmine says {Selena} I can’t believe it! We’re actually going to Hawaii!!! I’ve always wanted to go there. When I was in high school and dated Justin, we dreamed of going there together. Sigh. Good times. We made everything ready and went to the airport. Lucky for us, there was a flight in a few hours and there were 5 seats left. ”I can’t believe