Is it LOVE or just a FAIRY TALE? Episode 5 Justin Bieber love story

Enjoy Lucy- Justin Bieber You- no way Lucy- yes way it says ‘Justin Bieber was spotted coming out of the airport in Hawaii’ You- I can’t believe it Lucy-I know it is so strange knowing that we are going on holiday *a few hours later an you finally arrive in Hawaii at 1:30pm. You get your bags from baggage claim and head to your hotel, once there you book in. you and Lucy are not sharing a room but he are opposite each other you knock on Lucy’s door* Lucy- *opening the door and walking out in to the hall* hey, so what’s the plan for today? You- well I text Sarah and she said about meeting at the beach Lucy- yeah that sound fun but I need to change You- yeah me too *you both change in to your bikinis. You are wearing – Lucy is wearing – You and Lucy leave you rooms at the same time* Lucy- so are you ready? You- yep lets go *the elevator on the floor your are staying is broken so you walk to the floor below, then to the end of the hall and get in that elevator* Lucy- so are we meeting Sarah and Jazzy You- yeahh I think so no too sure, I will text Sarah and tell her we are now leaving Lucy- ok *you get in to the taxi and when you get on the beach you can see Sarah and Jazzy waving with both arms, so you and lucy run over to see them* Sarah & Jazzy- (your name) and Lucy Lucy and You – hey Lucy- we haven’t see you in ages Jazzy- I know it’s been so long *you all hug and stuff. After that you all sit down on sun loungers to do some sun baving