Justin Bieber & Jasmine V In Hawaii

Facebook.com – Become a Fan! Twitter.com – Follow Us! Oh oh, does Justin Bieber have a new love or what? We’re filling in the details — as gushy as they may be — right now. Hello hello everyone — what’s goin on? You’re back at the ClevverTV headquarters and I’m your girl Dana Ward. So if you’re a big-time Belieber, you probably already heard the reports about Justin Bieber getting caught kissing Jasmine V in a car a few weeks ago in California. Even though the two had an on-screen kiss as co-stars for his Baby music video awhile back and that stirred up relationship rumors then AND now, JB’s peeps maintain that they are not dating. Adding fuel to the flirting fire is that Jasmine was reportedly set to be left off of the Hawaii performance list due to budget cuts, even though she is on this leg of Justin’s tour, but she is definitely IN Hawaii with the Biebs. Some people are saying that he paid the extra moolah in order to have the female singer make it out to the tropical paradise with him. Do you think that the internets will explode if pics of the double-Js together in Hawaii start to surface this weekend?? And what do you think is THE REAL DEAL with these two? Let us know right here and be sure to click subscribe on our ClevverTV YouTube page. I’m Dana Ward saying thanks for watching. Bye!