Justmine Love Chronicles Ep 12

they’re bacckkkkkkk… sorry it’s been awhile, i just been caught up with school and stuff, but i’m out now, and here is ep 12 Previously on JLC: Jasmine, Jessica & Jazzy bumped into Justin while out shopping for tour outfits, and are now headed to lunch… Jazzy: so where are we eating guys! Jasmine: i want to eat some pizzzaa! Jess: that does sound good right now! Justin: *giggles* then let’s eat at sbarro’s ! Jazzy: umm… let’s goo! At Sbarro’s : Jazzy: sooooo… aren’t you both excited to be touring ! Justmine: *looks at each other* Justin: couldn’t be more excited, especially with some of the people that are special to me is going! *looks at jasmine* Jasmine: *blushes* ….. i.cant.wait, i’ll get to share my music! Jess: finally it’s time.. Jasmine: I know.. i’m super duper duper excited… Justin: plus we’ll be touring the world.. and we’ll get to go to Hawaii.. Jasmine, Jazzy, Jess: Ahhh Hawaii!! Justin Giggles They all order there food and eat.. After: Justin: sooooo.. what are you guys doing next.. Jasmine: we probably are just gonna go back home and finish packing Justin: wait, can i first show you something Jasmine: sure, what is it? Justin: lets go.. they get in Justin’s car and leave the mall Jasmine: Justin, where are you taking us? Justin: Jasmine just wait and see, you’ll love it… I promise Jazzy: omv he’s about to kill us.. Jess: Jazzy shut up.. Jasmine: *giggles* right.. jazzy what? you’re so stupid.. he won’t hurt us! Justin: *laughs* i would never