Kikaua Reef Roi Spearfishing Tour

A little video I shot the other day snorkeling around Kikaua Beach reef, north of Kailua Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Picking up reef debris, checking out a honu at the 80′ reef shelf, taking some missed shots at roi, and saying hi to a 4′ eel on the way back in. Fun times in paradise! Aloha! Shot with an Oregon Scientific ATC-9K HD camera on my Comanche 100cm speargun. If anyone knows more about the musical artist, I’d like to plug them more. Found their song under creative commons on Jamendo as username “sun_and_surf”, but there was no useful artist info. It was a song done by a collective of musicians after a music camp gathering. Let me know if you know them or can link me to them. Mahalo!