Language About The Unspeakable ~ Part 4/6 Terence McKenna

Raving In The Light Of The Third Millennium Language About The Unspeakable Maui, Hawaii, February 1994 Firstly, many thanks to Kevin Esbensen for making this upload possible. Kevin had a VHS copy from the original event (Recorded by AXIOM, I can’t find them on the net and these recordings seem to be no longer available, I will gladly remove them upon request) which he then converted to DVD and kindly sent copies to me at his own expense to be shared with the community here. I’m very grateful to be able to present this for you on Kevin’s behalf. This talk has only appeared in audio format as far as I know on The Psychedelic Salon as, “In Praise Of Psychedelics” and here as, “Speaking The Unspeakable”. As a host of a channel that archives McKenna material it’s a great pleasure to be able to bring you something new (to the web) that may have been lost to time if not for the foresight and generosity of Mr. Esbensen, thank you Kevin. ~blimp Kevin Esbensen Divine Nation (Salvia Divinorum) Alchemical Archives