Love Never Fails [1]

ok so while I’m waiting for my other series to get comments I decided to make a new one cause I have a bunch of ideas so yeah lol Here who’s starring in it Miley Cyrus As Danielle Evans Nick Jonas As Tristan Holmes Demi Lovato As Hailey Peterson Zac Efron As Gary Evans Joe Jonas As Shane Holmes Selena Gomez As Brianne Parker Taylor Lautner As Jesse Tanners Nicole Anderson As Chelsea Henderson + many more I just sat there in our blue mini van as I looked out the window.To tell you the truth I am happy that we’re back in our old house I missed it and I want to see my friends….Thing is I wasn’t ready to face the brown eyed & curly brown haired boy I left 2 years ago.Just then my thoughts were interrupted by a voice I looked to see my older brother Gary looking at me.”C’mon Dani get outta the car & help us move stuff in”He said.I just rolled my eyes & groaned.I then let out a sigh as I slid the door open to head outside. Gary then put his arms around me as he smiles”Aren’t you happy to be back at our old house?I mean we get to see our friends & Tri-..”Before Gary could continue his sentence I cut him off trying to shake the memory of Tristan out of my mind.”Don’t mention that name ever again Gary”I said Coldy ;even the sound of his name made me sick inside.Gary just gave me a look & sighed”Dani y ou can’t live in the past anymore…You have to forget about what happened 2 years ago.Besides there’s some people here to see you”Gary replied as he wrapped his arm around my