Mahou Shoujo Ocean/Sakura chan desu kawaii yaydaydyyasfg

My Deviantart: BAHAHAHHAA… uh I started this a long time ago actually, when Drea/Tina/Riley/ some..others.. made that kawaii baka neko IDK animu. And I decided I wanted to make an uber shitty anime about becoming batshit magical girls. I feel so bad because I started this project actually wanting to make Sakura my partner in crime and we’d become BESTO FRIENDSO DESU but somehow I made her my complete enemy and did terrible things to her ROFL SAKURA I’M SORRY. OTL Other characters are my other friends, Morwen (heiriisan), Eds (edscutechibigirl)… Sakura is SSakuraAlchemist on Youtube~ The girl at the end with the abs is Blank LOL I also made this video just to practice more with the flucuation of my voice since I find it very fun. =w=/ A lot of people have been asking about my voice, if I change the pitch etc, since it flucuates a lot (cute and moe in my videos, and not so much in my livestream). The answer is no. When I started my videos on youtube I think I subconsiously… made myself sound moe =w=/ And it’s become a part of me/my persona. So Idk if you could call my voice I use in all my videos my “real voice” after all. Hope you enjoyed episode 2 of my drug induced anime. :U (There will be no episode 2. LOL) ~Video trivia~ -Eds is wearing a USA bathing suit because she told me she had one, in which I asked “but wait you live in hawaii” ………….:U I’m an idiot -A speculum what they use to open the ___ during a pap test -Chinko…. you