Merry Christmas HONEST

Download it : Wouldn’t it be great to send in several thousand cash for silver eagles at spot? No, No, No!!! Would You Ever See Your Silver? It’s unlikely!! be warned! Credits~ Organizer and Coder: Beibi / singingpanda08 Mixer: Beibi / singingpanda08 Animator and Graphic Editor: Moon / KurochiMisa Artist: Lesley / leisli15 Singers (in order of solos): Ann (Navy Admiral) as Kasumi / AnnDango05 Beibi (Brigader General) as Ranma / singingpanda08 Tonkhai (Special Forces) as Akane / ShikamaCHU Minnie (Dictator) as Shampoo / rosewisteria Aiko (National Researcher) as Nabiki / UFAHaterAi Moon (Vice-Dictator) as Nabiki / KurochiMisa Commentary~ Minnie: I waited until it was Christmas in the latest timezone of Hawaii to upload this video. Thank goodness Christmas is not over in Australia either. Thank you soo much to our dear fan, Leslie, for drawing us! Also, extra thanks to TK for thinking up the military titles for messages! ^^ Merry Christmas everyone~! Happy Holidays to you all from ZB~! Copyright~ No, no, we do not own this song! We only want to sprinkle this song with our love. Please don’t take away our love for this song!