Michael Jackson – Heal the World – Live in Munich – HIStory Germany Tour 1997 – HQ

“HIStory World Tour” Start Date: September 7, 1996. End Date: October 15, 1997. “Live in Munich: HIStory Germany Tour” Recorded: “Olympic Stadium” Munich, Germany (July 4 & 6, 1997) Produced & Sponsored by: MJJ & “HRH” Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. Record Labels: MJJ Productions Inc. & Epic Records. Niceties by: www.youtube.com Synopsis! The HIStory World Tour was the third and final world concert tour by Michael Jackson as a solo artist, covering Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and Hawaii from September 7, 1996 to October 15, 1997. The tour, which grossed a total of $163.5 million, included a total of 82 concerts with a record-breaking attendance of 4500000 fans. “Live in Munich: HIStory Germany Tour” Jackson planned upon filming this concert for a DVD release by Christmas time, so more camera angles (including individual crowd shots) were used, and the audio was later remastered heavily to emphasize the percussion and audience sounds. This concert was also an early experiment by Jackson with High Definition cameras. The release was ultimately cancelled; due to Jackson’s dissatisfaction of the behind-the-scenes filming . However, the performance was televised extensively in many different countries, making it one of the most readily available concerts. The most common version is the one aired by Sat.1 and most other channels, but other versions, such as the one that aired in South Africa (with a small segment from a concert at Johannesburg), and a Japanese version also