Our Little Secret- A One Direction Love Story-Chapter 1

*BRYN’S POV* I woke up at 5:00 our flight was leaving at 6:30 and we had to leave at 6:00. I ran downstairs wearing a pink sweatshirt,Yoga pants and my converse. I grabbed my car keys and ran out the door. We were going to Hawaii and I needed to pick up my best friends Kyleigh and Mackinzie from their houses. *KYLEIGH’S POV* *RING* Hello? Bryn:Kyleigh get up I’m coming now!!! HURRY! I got dressed in My brother’s baseball sweatshirt,my sweat pants,and sandals I kissed my parents goodbye and ran out to Bryn’s car. Me: Hey Love! Bryn: Hey!! Are you ready! We have to get Mack first tho. Me: Yes I’m SO ready and OK leggo! *MACKINZIE’S POV* I woke up at 4:30 and already kissed my parents goodbye when I heard Bryn honk. I went to the door and went to Bryn’s car.This was going to be fun 3 weeks! *BRYN’S POV* We were on our way to the airport my parents left an hour earlier so I could sleep. We were BLASTING One Direction and singing along to every song!! When we got to the Airport and grabbed our bags. When we finally were seated I put in my earphones replaying every Liam Payne part BTW he’s my favorite! When the plane took off Mackinzie went to the bathroom and came back SCREAMING!! *SCREAM* Mack: OMG!! OMG!! OMG! OMFG! Me and Kyleigh: WHAT?!?!?! Mack: One Direction is in first class!!! Me: NO!! YOUR KIDDING! Mack: GO LOOK! We got up and walked to the bathroom and right when I turned around there was Liam…he was even more handsome in person! Liam: Sorry babe.. Me: No totally