Paul Mitchell Schools’ 4th Annual Free Hugs Day!

Inspired by the Sick Puppies YouTube music video about Juan Mann’s popular Free Hugs campaign, an army of 16000 future beauty professionals will take to the streets throughout the continental United States and Hawaii today for Paul Mitchell Schools’ fourth annual Free Hugs Day. “Our Free Hugs campaign is just one of the many ways our future beauty professionals show their passion and compassion in their local communities,” said Paul Mitchell Schools Dean and Cofounder Winn Claybaugh. “As members of the beauty industry, we’re in the business of helping people look beautiful. More important, it’s part of our BE NICE culture to help people feel beautiful.” Dressed in their signature black outfits, carrying handmade “Free Hugs” signs, and naturally sporting fabulous styles, students and staff from the network’s 100 schools will lay down their combs and march out the door, heading for plazas, parks, and other popular spots to offer hugs and make people’s day. Events for day and night school students will occur throughout the country, with many Paul Mitchell artists, educators, top executives, and superstars joining the students and staff at Free Hugs locations in their areas. For information about Free Hugs Day events in your community, contact your local Paul Mitchell School.