MAE teams up with 5 Gyres in Hawaii to observe and pick up the plastic debris that washes ashore daily on the Big Island. Some plastic is from the Japan tsunami debris as well as over 50 years of dumping in the ocean and litter. Imagine how much plastic you have “thrown away” in your life time. What I observed was unimaginable and the locals told me it is nothing like it was 10 years ago. Meaning it has gotten better thanks to the clean up efforts. The plastic that you see on the street washes into the drains, which leads to river, then ultimately the oceans. The “5 gyres” rotate with the earth and pull all of the debris inward, and as it breaks downs it washes ashore. Fish and birds consume this debris, as bite marks indicate, and researchers have found to be true. Awareness is the answer. The more aware we become, the less plastic we will “throw away,” and hopefully the industry can create a biodegradable replacement. In the meantime, we have to figure out how to get this junk out of the ocean and off our beaches! Check out for more information. Keep your eyes peeled for “sea trash” creations by MAE Couture!