~Teen Pregnancy A Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Love Story Ep21

~The Story~~ Demi: *still holding her hands on Selena’s eyes* Selena: Come on, when may i look. * excited* Justin:*opens the door and smiles* Now! Demi: * puts her hands away and smiles too* Selena: * sees a big ticket for a vacation on Hawaii* OMG!!!* runs to the huge ticket and picks it up; looks at the ticket* Seriously, where going to Hawaii for a month. * She, still cant believe it.* Justin: Yes..*hugs her tight* Demi: *realized that its a suprise* Oh wait, damn it.. i forgot to say ”Suprise” * she smiles* SUPRISE! ——— i’ts time for dinner, so watch this and about an hour its finished for real! (=