The Free American – THC MINISTRY HOUR 2nd Hour part 4

The Free American – THC MINISTRY HOUR w/ Reverend Ryan Part 4 Reverend Clayton Douglas, Reverend Raymond Christl, and Reverend Ryan Thompson. Speaking about Roger Christie being held without bail in Hawaii for his religious sacrament. This is an interview that I did today on The Free American show with Reverend Clayton Douglas and Reverend Ray Christl. This episode is about religious freedom and the freedom of Roger Christie organizer of the THC MINISTRY Hawaii. Please visit http To help Reverend Roger please visit 7 AM Pacific Time Call In Number is 520-413-2397 Topic Free Reverend Roger Christie Future Guests (Wednesdays) Rev Chris Bennett Phd Paul Stanford of the THCF Clinic I do have to admit to something that I misspoke, and I am going to respost these on youtube, and Im going to make a correction. I said “my dad grew up in Georgia” he did not, he grew up in the Utah west desert living on the land as far as he described it. But he served in the military and had advanced training in the Georgia Okie Fanokie swamp. I always was told different things about the branch of service that he was in, but he had a “Screaming Eagle” ranger tattoo on his left arm, and he once told me he was with the 101st. Other people have told me that wasn’t true. I don’t know for sure because he’s not with us any more. But he was a patriot, and a hard working man, and I know that from first hand experience. But those two corrections I thought needed to be made