The “oppa” manual??

Note: Due to several inquiries regards to the word ” dark” used in my video, I will alleviate this misunderstanding pronto. When I was young, as I described in my video, I swam in the chlorine infested pool very often.. I got sun burns, and disgusting sun spots. Basically made me look like a hyena. White spots underneath my eyes, but dark on my cheeks, but light on my chin. Very un-even tanning if you will.. Think paris hilton tanning salon gone wrong dark. Yes I was unevenly-dark and it was ugly. But I don’t mean any negativity on the skin tone of African americans. *breaths out* okay then 🙂 moving along~ doo doo do doo question from :geewheez18 I have a question! 😀 soo i’m in love with my oppa who lives in hawaii and i live in Texas. He’s korean and i’m hispanic / filipino descent. Anyway my question is are there rules to having an oppa? He says there’s an oppa manual but i don’t know what it is -___- lol. Explain all the oppa rules to me. Korean dramas are helpful but i wanna know the legit oppa rules. Thanks, anyung! geewheez18