Time to Realize.

PLEASE READ: I’d like to start of by saying that I am the world’s BIGGEST procrastinator. I started editing this while on my vacation to Hawaii, which was nearly 3 months ago. When It comes to editing, i swear I have ADHD or something. I’ll be determined to finish an edit, when all of a sudden I start another one. (Like I seriously have 5+ random projects that are sitting stagnant) For example, somewhere around February 2012 I started editing a CoD WaW project… well… I got 40 seconds into it and (like I always do) get another Idea and completely ditch the project. All in all, I’d like to thank LaLaBehr for understanding and having the most amount of patience one man could have. I hope you guys enjoyed the edit, even if it got sloppy towards the end. Oh, if you don’t understand the whole random cat wink thing… It’s kind of an inside joke between LaLaBehr and I. Which is most of the reason to why I made the edit,”Kitties”. Music: Lemaitre – Time To Realize La La Behr: www.youtube.com