Trevor Nygaard – Electro House- tracklist in description

DJ Name: Trevor Nygaard Location: Honolulu, Hawaii Style: Electro House —————————————- Equipment – 1x Pioneer CDJ-800mk2 1x Broken ass NumarkDM3002x (volume faders work sometimes) 1x Pioneer CMX3000 (dual cd) 1x Pioneer EFX-500 Technics RP-DH1200 ————————————— Tracklist – 1) Swen Weber – Bassmann (Chris Counts Access Mix) 2) Mono – Make A Difference (Swen Weber Remix) 3)Burufunk,Carbon Community – Community_Funk (Deadmau5 Remix) 4) Global Deejays – Get Up feat Technotronic (General Electric Version) 5) BSOD – A Bit Sketchy (Original Mix) —————————————- Notes Goal of the mix was to actually stay in the mix as long as possible, minimize the time between songs. Could have snuck in 2-3more tracks, however I wasnt aiming to speed mix 10 – I wanted to play around more and just have fun. Booking info: Intersted in more? Download some promo sets here: If you feel like supporting me any further, please vote for me on the DJ List –