UFO Orbs Over Military Area Hawaii

UFO fleet clearly filmed circling Hawaii Military Reservation Astonishing footage that shows five UFOs hovering above the Makua Military Reservation, outside of the city of Honolulu on the island of Ohua in Hawaii has been released onto the Internet and is creating a buzz on dozens of online UFO forums. Commentators and researchers are comparing the UFO fleet seen in the video below to the fleets seen and filmed at various locations above Japan before, during and after the tsunami and earthquake. UFO sightings at military installations have been documented by dozens of researchers, such as Mr Robert Hastings, who has written and lectured extensively on UFO sightings, in particular, in the vicinity of nuclear weapons sites. Hundreds of ex-military personnel have come forward and testified to witnessing alien activity during their period of service. The US military regards UFOs as their most classified topic, however leaks do get through. It seems aliens are deeply concerned about the warlike nature of Earthlings and have even deactivated nuclear weapons in the past to diffuse tensions and avert disaster. Michael Cohen [email protected]