Under The Christmas Tree Part 4

Merry Christmas Eve and santa was very nice to give us presents before Christmas, and i do mean jonas in hawaii, so far we have seen nick, joe, frankie and papa j. Part 4 Rated R I carried her into my room and closed the door with my foot. The kiss had continued from before. I laid her down on my bed and moved my lips down her neck as I let my lips move up and down her neck I then left small kisses along her neck. When I caught her sweet spot I started to suck and then I gently bit on the spot. Which made her moan and throw her head back onto the pillow. I took off my shirt and threw it on the floor, I felt her hands all over my bare back. I moved my hands under her shirt and lifted it up as my hands went higher up her back. I removed her shirt threw that along with mine on the floor. I brought her in for another kiss. As we were kissing I felt her hands unbuckle my belt and take off my jeans and I kicked them off and I felt the back of her foot rub against the back of my leg. My hands were fumbling with her button of her jeans and finally I pulled down her jeans and we were both only in underwear now. I kissed down her body and my lips stopped at her breasts and started to kiss around them. Demi: Fuck. I heard her say as soon as my tongue came in contact with her breasts and she continued to moan. Demi: Oh fuck Joe… Her nails digged deep into my back. Once I am done with her breasts, she flipped us over and kissed down my chest and soon was followed by her tongue. God