Underwater Skateboarding Haleiwa Hawaii

Join the Ohana www.facebook.com (give us a like!) tweet us up! twitter.com instagram us @jaseboards Download “BRS” by Upstanding Youth below: upstandingyouth.com This entire video was shot using 2 GoPro cameras with the help of Mark Lee of www.holladayphoto.com Check him out and if you are in Hawaii give him a call! We did have permission to use the pool that we “snuck into” and the property owner was home so we would advise not trying this at other peoples homes…we do not care if you do try this at your home but dont blame us if your parents are less than thrilled! 😉 Th idea and reason behind this video was to prove the Puka ceramic bearings and Jaseboards bamboo decks could handle the “excessive moisture” that comes along with being submerged in a swimming pool for countless hours on end! We have skated these boards for the last two weeks after shooting the pool footage and the bearings are still spinning fabulously! Can we guarantee this will be everyones experience…nope but it has been ours so far.