keep in mind that this is my first time making this ^_^ if you have any ideas help me out ^_^ YN You. Duh…… YN MB Them.. Lol Anyway ….. Your a beautiful 15 year old. You go to Cranshaw ( made up ) High School. Everyone thinks your a regular girl, but your not. Your a princess, The Princess of Hawaii. Yes, Your mixed with Hawaiian and Black and Native American, You have this flawless skin that everyone can’t stop staring at. One day, durring class you got new students. There names were Chresanto, Jacob, Craig, and Raquan. You reconize one of there names, but you just ignore that thought. As soon as you know it the teacher tells you to be there helper around the school….. Teacher: “YN, may you please show these boys around?” YN: “Sure. ” as you walk towards them then you reconize that persons face … ~~~~~~~ FLASHBACK~~~~~~~ Mom: ” YN come on now we do not have time for your tardyness.” YN: “Yes mother, I am coming now.” As you, your mom. your dad go into the limo you ask your mom: YN: “Mother, may I ask where we are going?” Mom: “YN, we are going to the Royal Ball to meet all the Prince and Princess’all over the world!” YN: “Oh wow, thats wonderful!” a few min pass and they all arrive at the Royal Ball. As you go inside you see everyone’s eyes on you. You shyly look down the do a double take and see these 4 beautiful, boys. As they were conversating you see them all staring at you, as they winked and smiled and stared to walk up to you as one wit a Afro says