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Proof that PAL movies run 4% faster than NTSC

Just doing this to test my theory, I should see if this applies to TV too. The following countries/continents are PAL (if not listed, they are NTSC or NTSC-J) All of Europe, All of Asia except Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Burma/Myanmar and The Phillipines, All of Africa except the Western Sahara, All of Oceania except Fiji, Palau, Guam and Hawaii, and the South American countries Brazil, Argentina, French Guyana and Uruguay. OCD over. Reservoir Dogs by Quentin Tarantino Little Green Bag by George Baker Selection

Papa roach – Between angels and insects

Music:Papa roach – Between angels and insects Films: 1 Prison Break 2 Heroes 3 Visitors 4 The Vampire Diaries 5 Smallville 6 Supernatural 7 Nikita 8 Legend of the Seeker 9 Walking Dead 10 Spartacus: Blood and Sand 11 Chuck 12 Harassment 13 Aquaman 14 Buffy 15 Charmed 16 Queen Xena Warriors 17 The Legendary Journeys of Hercules 18 Kings of escape 19 Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 20 Terra Nova 21 Hawaii police/ department 5-0 22 Human Target