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Paul Abraham and his Orchestra : Viktoria und Ihr Husar !

A long playing medley from the Operetta “Viktoria und Ihr Husar” – (“Viktoria and her Hussar”) Music : Paul Abraham – (Lyrics : A. Grünwald – Dr. Fr. Löhner-Beda) Paul Abraham and his Orchestra with the Four Admirals (vocal) Parlophon P 9552-1 / 21759 and 9553-2 / 21760-2 (a 12 inch – 30 cm record) Berlin, 1930. “Victoria and her Hussar” was like “The Flower of Hawaii” another enormous succes for composer Paul Abraham (1891-1960). Many of the wellknown songs from his operetta’s are recorded by a great varity of international performers. The record here is a long playing medley like “”The Flower of Hawaii” presented two weeks ago on this channel. It is very tragic that Paul Abraham and his lyricist Dr. Fritz Löhner Beda (1883 Wildenschwert – 1942 Auschwitz) were both victems of the German second World War regime .

Farvel Honolulu. Eddie Russell med Samoa Hawaiiorkester. Copenhagen 1944..wmv

Farvel Honolulu. (Good Bye Honolulu). Musik & Text: Eddie Russell. Samoa Hawaiiorkester. Sang: Eddie Russell. TONO SP 4381-1 Recorded 1944 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe. Samoa Hawaiiorkester, one of the very popular Danish orchestras in 1940’ies. Eddie Russell (1908-86), one of the very popular Danish singers, guitarists, composers and song writers between late 1930’ies to mid 1970’ies. Farvel Honolulu was one of Eddie Russell’s most beloved recordings, and too the melody was one of the most popular Danish dance melodies during WW2. Hawaii music was very popular in Denmark during 1930-40’ies.