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Tequila Sunrise – The Eagles cover

A cover of the Eagles song “Tequila Sunrise.” My eyes were half closed at the beginning because I was spacing out just a bit hahaha. Check out my band videos or the facebook! www.facebook.com We’re a classic rock group based out of Hawaii that performs both original and cover songs, covering acts such as The Beatles, all the way up to a few modern songs by groups such as Weezer. We’ll be sure to upload more videos when we have them, and if you like us, tell your friends!

Love Medley w/ Noah Bartfield

hey guys! i havent sang in a video for a while, so here’s a little something that my good friend noah bartfield and i came up with for Hawaii FAP, which was an amazing show! so we’re doin it officially for the channel. this is for all you love birds out there 😉 which one of these love songs is your favorite? personally, i have always been in love with ‘yellow’, its hauntingly beautiful. i look forward to your feedback, and thanks again for your support yall. it seriously means so much to me. also! check out noah! he’s very talented twitter.com/noahbartfield youtube.com/noahmusic1 my twitter is @jazzrazzmatazz : follow me if u wish! www.jazzrazzmatazz.tumblr.com and dont forget about paper dolls =) check out some of our new dance videos on my channel killajamzz yellow-coldplay chasing cars- snow patrol use somebody-kings of leon bad romance- lady gaga love yall! -jasmine

FOURTUNATE 1+1 Beyonce cover

FOURTUNATE singing their rendition of 1+1. Huge fans of Beyonce, what more can be said about her, she’s the queen of RnB. This vid is dedicated to our beautiful fans in Hawaii who we had promised a shout out to. And yes we would love to come to Hawaii, Honolulu to be more specific for a fan jam. Secondly to our fam The Request Dance Crew, thanks for the love. Check them out on www.facebook.com Check out our facebook page www.facebook.com/fourtunate. Check out our home studio page at Revolutions Gym in St Marys www.facebook.com This gym is awesome! You’ll catch us in the dance studio practicing/rehearsing every day of the week between around 12 – 4pm. After that we’re usually training doing cardio or weights etc. Best gym around! Hope you enjoy our cover. Peace and love.

Lingering Still She & Him Cover

I’m back with another video! It’s a new month and I have a new cover and a new instrument. I recently got this ukulele in Hawaii. Some of my favorite musicians such as Ingrid Michaelson, Zooey Deschanel, and Sara Bareilles play ukulele. This was my direct inspiration. I thought that a She & Him song would be perfect for my first ukulele cover as Zooey plays one all the time. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching!

‘Firework’ with Island Ukulele by Madison-Paradise Found Orig, by Katie Perry 6-6-12

13 Yr Old MADISON-Kauai Hawaii 1st Orig. -‘SHY GIRL’. “Like” her ‘FACEBOOK @ www.facebook.com ITUNES: smarturl.it WEB: www.MadisonParadiseFound.com – .New Orig Release ‘THOSE BOYS’ (A Shout Out to 1D) CHECK OUT MY OTHER VIDEOS- ALBUM COMING SOON!!

The Way I Am Guitar Cover

Because I am a major Ingrid fangirl and I’m counting down the days til April 25 when I get to finally see her live. 🙂 Love, xx For silly quips and updates on gigs and open mic night perfomances: twitter.com facebook.com PS. The people talking in the background is the TV. My parents discovered the old Hawaii Five-O series on Netflix, it’s been very interesting.

Hawaiian style- Slide: Goo Goo Dolls cover by- GE Keoni

My version of Slide written and preformed by The Goo Goo Dolls. I don’t own the song I only sang it. I also don’t own any of the Jarah Mariano videos either…sadly! Ke11Y!!! Enjoy the beautiful paradise videos of Hawaii, shot around the island of O’ahu. sung by GE Keoni Wagner

She Will Be Loved Cover Maroon 5- Joseph Vincent

Quick video before I head off to Hawaii:) enjoy oh and if you can help out by voting for me for Star Central Magazine’s “Youtube Artist of the Month” please click here and vote for me THANKSSSSS here’s the link for voting: daily.starcentralmagazine.com Myspace: www.myspace.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: www.twitter.com