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Joshua Hosts Grandma’s B-day Party – 2010

Joshua hosts Grandma’s Birthday Party on the Sunday before her birthday on September 21st. Joshua and his cousins enjoyed helping Grandma “scratch off” lotto tickets. Grandma let her grandchildren keep any winning ticket they scratched that was under $100. Anything over $100, Grandma was going to use in Las Vegas. Among the other gifts (other than the lotto tickets) that Grandma received were a Mr. Coffee, Las Vegas Money, a Self Contained Tomato Grower and special jewelry that April brought back from Hawaii just for Grandma. Joshua thanks his cousins Joanne, Scott, Walter and April for a fun night with Grandma.

Elena- California Gurls

It’s another Elena AMV! But rather than just Elena being the main focus this time, it’s really more of a video of Elena and her friends (and even Lilo). Oh, and instead of “California Girls”, try to think of it as “Hawaii Girls”. At least the palm tree lyric makes sense at that part! ; ) I’m actually not even a fan of this song, but it’s been stuck in my head ever since I went to the Indiana State Fair back in August. Why they were playing a song about California there, I do not know! Anyway, I hope you all like this video and as always lately, please watch in HD! : ) Episodes Featured: Babyfier Checkers Dupe Holio Lilo & Stitch Mr. Stenchy Phoon PJ Remmy Slick Sprout Stitch Has a Glitch Swapper Swirly Tank The Asteroid Yaarp Song: “California Gurls” by Katy Perry (c) Disney