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Kismet – Chapter 33

I don’t have another Blue Blood written yet so I’m posting this instead. I’ll try and get Blue Blood up later today though. ———————————————————————- Selena’s Point Of View I opened my eyes and stared at the tiny pink plus sign. I slid down the wall and stared at the test in my hands. Tears sprung to my eyes and I tried to remember to breath. I heard a knock at the door and looked up. “Selena are you okay in there?” Demi asked through the door. “I’m fine.” I said in response but my voice broke and gave away my true feelings. “Sel open the door.” Em said and I reached up to unlock the door. It opened quickly and Demi and Emily walked in and sat next to me on the floor. “So it’s positive?” Demi asked. I nodded and let my tears run free. “It will work out Selena. I know it will.” Emily smiled at me but I wasn’t sure if what she said was true. How was I going to tell Logan? My breath got caught in my throat and I began to panic. “Breath Sel.” Demi said. “Take a deep breath.” I did as she said and began to breathe a bit more normal. I still felt as if this was all a horrible nightmare and I would wake up any second. “I should go find Logan.” I said quietly and stood up. “I’ll see you two later.” I told them before walking out of their room and back to my own. Inside Nick Joe and Taylor were watching TV so I ignored them and walked into the room I was sharing with Logan. “Hey babe, where have you been?” he asked walking over to me

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Kismet – Chapter 34

Logan’s Point Of View “P—-Pregnant?” I stuttered. My mind went blank and I knew Selena was waiting to see my reaction. Clearly she got one that wasn’t good because she looked crushed and she stood up from the table. She began walking away but I grabbed her hand. “Sel wait.” She turned around to look at me and had tears running down her cheeks. “I’m sorry Logan. I didn’t mean for this to happen.” She cried and I stood up so I could hug her. “Selena this isn’t your fault.” I told her and hugged her close to me. I wanted to say that this will work but I wasn’t sure how it could. It was going to be hard enough taking care of Selena when I was used to being on my own. Now a baby too? I wasn’t ready for that. “I’m so so sorry.” She sobbed and I felt like I would start crying too if she didn’t stop. I hated seeing her like this. She looked so guilty and heartbroken. This wasn’t what either of us planned but it’s what we have to deal with now. I noticed people in the restaurant starting to look at us so I put some money on the table to pay for dinner. Grabbed the ring box and took Selena out of the restaurant. I sat down on one of the couches in the lobby and Selena sat down next to me. “I love you Sel, and if you want to keep the baby then I’m okay with that.” I kissed her head and she took a couple deep breaths. “I don’t know if I’m ready.” She said quietly. “I won’t abort the baby, but maybe we could consider adoption.” “If that’s what you want.” I hated the idea of someone

Asking Alexandria, As I Lay Dying, Suicide Silence Tour — August Burns Red stream Flurries + more

Asking Alexandria, As I Lay Dying, Suicide Silence and Memphis Mayfire Tour — August Burns Red stream new Christmas song Flurries — Rush release new music video — TESTAMENT set list from Colombia and more ..! Asking Alexandria will headline the just announced “Monster Energy Outbreak Tour. The is expected in November and December and will also include As I Lay Dying, Suicide Silence, Memphis May Fire and Attila. A full listing of dates will be announced on September 7th. Asking Alexandria will finish work on their new album in October. They are shooting for an early 2013 release date, so stayed tuned for more info! August Burns Red are streaming “Flurries” from their new Christmas album. Check the stream out at soundcloud.com The band will release “August Burns Red Presents: Sleddin’ Hill, A Holiday Album” on October 9th. August Burns Red Presents: Sleddin’ Hill, A Holiday Album” track listings: 1. Flurries 2. Frosty the Snowman 3. Sleigh Ride 4. God Rest Ye’ Merry Gentlemen 5. Jingle Bells 6. Oh Holy Night 7. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer 8. Sleddin’ Hill 9. Little Drummer Boy 10. Winter Wonderland 11. O Come, O Come Emmanuel 12. Carol of the Bells (2012) 13. We Wish You a Merry Christmas Madball’s new music video for the song “The Beast” is now online at Craveonline.com. Cannibal Corpse, have confirmed they will be touring in Jakarta, Tokyo, Perth, Seoul, as well as a show in Hawaii. Check out their official web page for tour dates. Funeral Mouth, the new album the


Selena Gomez was rushed to the hospital because of nausea and of course everybody thought she might be pregnant with Justin Bieber’s kid. Truth is Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are most likely are not having a baby. At this point. Whatever it is, I hope Selena gets well soon. Selena Gomez rushed to the hospital: goo.gl Harold Camping suffers stroke: goo.gl 7-year-old gets voucher for plastic surgery from mom: goo.gl SUBSCRIBE AND FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!! twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Dailybooth: dailybooth.com Tumblr: thegr8stever.tumblr.com Outro song by Charlie Puth www.youtube.com Tags: Selena Gomez pregnant Justin Bieber baby kid hospital nausea married proposed engaged girlfriend expecting boy girl “one less lonely girl” rushed hospital bilibers “Wizards of Waverly Place” “food poisoning” “Monte Carlo” boyfriend pictures pics photos kiss cheating sick Canadian singer “#getwellselena” twitter trending topic thegr8stever the “greatest ever” love romantic Hawaii Maui “Jay Leno”

Abbey Road: A Symphonic Portrait

The Hawaii County Band at their March 2012 concert at the Mo’oheau Bandstand in Hilo, Hawaii. The band is currently facing budget cuts from the city and county of Hilo, and in an effort to save the band, they invited many people from the east side of Hawaii to this particular concert to show support for the band. The band is directed and conducted by Mr. Paul Arceo. You can help support the Hawaii County Band by visiting one of these sites, and signing the online petition below. Even if you’re not in Hawaii, you can show your support either by becoming a fan on Facebook, following the HCB on Twitter, or signing our petition to save the Hawaii County Band. Your help and support is appreciated! Song: Abbey Road: A Symphonic Portrait (Includes You Never Give Me Your Money, Come Together, Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, She Came in Through the Bathroom Window, Something, and The End) Arranger: Ira Hearshen *Trombone Solo by Curt Haraga HCB Facebook Fan Page www.facebook.com HCB Twitter Page twitter.com HCB Email [email protected] Previous: Invincible Eagle March youtu.be Next: Sword Dance (Coming next Friday!) ——————————————– #TytyMusicFridays Produced by Maka Boy Media Productions www.makaboymedia.com Tyty Music on Facebook http Tyty Music on Twitter www.twitter.com Tyty Music on Google+ gplus.to Tyty Music on the web www.tytyweb.net Copyright 2012