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Monster Jam Hawaii 2002 Team Meents/Max D 8 Years Ann.

TEAM MEENTS now MAXIMUM DESTRUCTION is the only one out of the 3 that is still running after all these years. Feb/24/2009 will be Joe’s Team Meents aka Maximum Destruction RC Monster Truck’s 8 Years Anniversary…..The only RC tube frame Monster Truck in Hawaii from 2002 Races till now that is still running,its an amazing machine that’s why it’s still standing…Be running every single year since 2002 till now….No years in the closet sitting collecting dust…… Max D (Team Meents) is a true Realistic Tube Frame RC Monster Truck ICON ….. cre8tive-cre8tions-hawaii.webs.com our myspace at: www.myspace.com

Drive of the Sun Time Lapse

The journey begins in the clouds 10000 feet from sea level and descends down Haleakalā’s volcanic winding roads. The landscape changes from volcanic rocks to lush green trees as the vehicle twist and turns down the road. Watch the shadows and sun play to the beat of the beautiful music of Blue Hawaii’s “Lilac”. Early Hawaiians applied the name Haleakalā (“house of the sun”) to the general mountain. In Hawaiian folklore, the depression at the summit of Haleakalā was home to the grandmother of the demigod Māui. According to the legend, Māui’s grandmother helped him capture the sun and force it to slow its journey across the sky in order to lengthen the day. Haleakalā’ Volcano was thought to have last erupted around 1790. The time lapse video consists of over 5000 pictures using two Gopro cameras. Shot after sunrise. Video By Holden Cambaliza Vincent T Joachim Edited By Vincent T Joachim Title Screen Photo By Holden Cambaliza Music By Blue Hawaii – Lilac (Music was formatted to fit length of video) www.myspace.com 2012

Puff Puff Pass Tour, San Francisco.

Riding the rollacoster big hills of Frisco can be one thing ? enjoying the ride from the back sit of the car is another. Leah Tunkara ‘s ‘bubby film’ has eh vibe of San Francisco that smiple ‘COOL’ like you never seen before. Passing the fame steets of Geary, The Fillmore in the heart of the filmmakers childhood memories. ‘Leah Radio” TV Show can be seen on the Island of Maui, Molokai, Lana in Hawaii. Channel 54. Next to air is Leah Radio #7 When you think of San Francisco Bay Area,( people call ‘THE CITY’) think of the 60’s child and history. Golden Gate Park , The Haight-Ashbury district, Hippie Hill, Summer of Love, Drums in the park, Micheal Franti’s POWER TO THE PEACEFUL (festival) witch was cion from the phrase ‘POWER TO THE PEOPLE,’ Black Panthers party famed slogan. Weather you ride the Bart Train or Bay brige, go to Gay Pride Parade, see ARTS & CRAFS, today in 2012, folks still have this ‘Live & Let Live’ King and Oueen ‘CROWN VIBE’ to them. The sound on this is not that great, but the ‘fly on the wall’ stile of filmmaking does not get better then this. THE BUDDYS, DO NOT EVEN KNOW OR CARE that the camera is on. Leilani Films Lt. Inc. leahtunkara.com

Kirk Hammett Photo Shoot in Hawaii

For more info about this issue check out: www.guitaraficionado.com Kirk Hammett at his new home in Hawaii. Go behind-the-scenes of the Guitar Aficionado’s July / August 2011 cover shoot with Metallica lead guitarist and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Kirk Hammett. In this exclusive video, Kirk takes me on guided tours of his idyllic Hawaiian estate, and poses for pictures with his favorite axes in some of the most beautiful spots in the entire world!

Sandy Beach full point spinners on big ass Kenu bodyboard

Kenu Hawaii makes some unusual big bodyboards- check it out. www.kenuhawaii.com Ken is 6’4 1 tall and 225lbs–takes a big board to float him around like that! Can you ride backward? Can’t see the board-sorry. You never know who is watching!