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Hawaii Ironman Triathlon World Champions weight loss tips

Hawaii Ironman Triathlon World Champions weight loss tips Chrissie Wellington Chris McCormack aka MACCA Craig Alexander Michael Raelert and Andreas Raelert aka the Raelert brothers all stay at a super light bodyweight for the world championships Ironman Hawaii. People need to remember that…

CREATING THEIR PARK at the Hawaii Island Humane Society

CREATING THEIR PARK documents Fort Funston, a popular off-leash dog park in the San Francisco Bay Area. This video was conceived and developed as a planning tool for the Hawaii Island Humane Society’s new Animal Community Center on the Big Island by dog owner/lover Diane Heiman. It was produced by SCHWEEN.TV, directed by Diane Heiman and Tom Schween, shot by Chris Tipton-King, and edited by Tom Schween.

meet JUSTIN BIEBER exposed

see the REAL JUSTIN BIEBER…behind the scenes He meets us before his Show in Hawaii for those of you who thought he was nice… might wanna watch this and see…. i dont think santa clause is coming to give him any presents this year

Debut Recording, Cool #10

This video marks the completion of the Shed recording studio located in Oahu, Hawaii. Built within a 7×7 WalMart storage unit, soundproofed and shielded from the ocean salt spray to preserve the electronics. Also featuring Basha the dog around the time she chewed up my wallet, my cc, my cel phone and a few other things dad likes. We survived her puppyhood years, and so did the music. 🙂 The rollout keyboard desk was custom built by Gordon Lee Designs, and the studio now features a Korg Triton Extreme as well as Yamaha monitors and bass cube. The list of features is growing. The studio has so far seen 10 television scoring projects, an actual CD recording project of Sarah Sullivan, and several songs now featured on chrisschulze.com . Much more to come! Stay tuned… Chris Schulze