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Accident A JB Baby Story Chapter 51

Kya’s POV “Are you sure you’re okay looking after her?” I asked Pattie for the millionth time; she held Jaelyn on her hip and I was standing in the foyer “Yes, we’re gonna have a great time together. As are you and Justin. Now move your caboose or you will miss your flight” she said back to me as Justin was coming down the stairs holding two large luggage cases. Yes. For my 18th Birthday my family and Pattie came together and bought me and Justin two tickets to Hawaii. I was dressed in www.polyvore.com “Maybe we shouldn’t go” I said, looking at Jaelyn “Babe, Jae will be fine with mom. I mean, she raised me didn’t she” my eyes tore from my baby girl to Justin; who was now putting the cases down by the door and coming to wrap his arms around my waist from behind “I know it’s the first time you’re leaving her, but we need this break” he said in a low voice before kissing my cheek “Exactly, now move your butts or-” I cut Pattie off “I know, I know, we’ll miss our flight” she laughed and I walked over to her hugging her, then looking down to Jaelyn “Bye Bye baby” I said as I kissed her pudgy cheek. Justin said his goodbyes and we were out the door. Pattie was stood at the open door as we walked to Ryan’s car; he was driving us to the airport. I heard Jaelyn make a noise like ‘Gah’ and then Pattie said “Yes, mommy and daddy are going away for a while” as we continued to walk to Ryan’s car, she started crying. It took me everything I had in me not to run back to her. We got in