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Kauai, Hawaii HD tour – “Shards from Heaven” by helicopter, raft, and kayak

Explore beautiful Kauai, Hawaii in HD by helicopter, ocean raft, and kayak. NEW! See my video on Kyoto, JAPAN in HD! www.youtube.com Filmed on the island of Kauai over 9 days. This video gives a brief tour of the island and its adventures and sights. I’d imagine it’d be interesting for people who want a quick overview of what Kauai is like. Photographs here www.flickrwire.com Scenes include the Napali Coast, the Kalalau trail, Hanakapi’ai Falls, the Waiahuakua sea cave, the open ceiling cave, Ho’olulu Sea Cave, the Wailua River, the Secret Waterfall, and Mount Waialeale crater (the wettest place on earth). For the shots, we went kayaking, boating on the Napali Coast for sea caves, and took a helicopter ride into the Waialaelae crater. It’s estimated as much as 75% of Kauai is inaccessible due to forests. Thanks to Napali Riders for the boat, Mauna Loa helicopters, and Wailua Kayak and Canoe. Filmed by Patrick Shyu, starring Henrick Shyu. Music by Garnet Crow. Recorded on a Canon S95, stabilized with Mercalli v2, edited in Premiere.

Kiluea Iki

Kiluea Iki (Little Kiluea) Pit Crater in the Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii. In August 1959, a swarm of deep earthquakes was detected by the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. In October it was indicated by seismographs that the summit of Kīlauea was filling with new magma. Between September and November over 1000 earthquakes were detected. On November 14, the activity increased as magma made its way to the surface and erupted at 8:08 pm local time. A fissure opened up through the south wall of Kīlauea Iki and began to fill up the crater with a lava lake. A lava fountain was spewing lava 60–80 meters by November 17. This formed a new cinder cone, named Puʻu Puaʻi (gushing hill). Facts * On December 15, the highest flow of lava was measured at 1.45 million cubic meters per hour. * With every filling and draining of the lava lake, a ‘black ledge’ was formed along the rim of the crater which is now 15–60 meters wide and 15 meters tall. * During lava drainbacks, a giant counter-clockwise whirlpool would form.

Island Trails – Ka’au Crater Loop GoPro POV

Hiking the entire rim of Ka’au Crater in Palolo Valley, Oahu, Hawaii on June 13th, 2010. The hike consisted of following a contour trail below the crest of Palolo Middle Ridge, passing two waterfalls and climbing a third waterfall, ascending the east rim to the Ko’olau summit, turning left along the Ko’olau summit to reach a trail that descends the west rim of the crater, and then heading south on the crest of Palolo Middle Ridge. Island Trails KaleoLancaster.blogspot.com

The National Parks – Stunning Photoshow and Piano Concert

The National Parks: Photoshow & Piano Meditations Photos of 18 American National Parks by nature photographer, Thomas Robinson Piano meditations of American folk & sacred songs by jazz pianist, David Robinson National Parks Photos: North Cascades Mount Rainier Olympic Crater Lake Redwood Yosemite Hawaii Volcanoes Grand Canyon Zion Bryce Capitol Reef Canyonlands Arches Black Canyon of the Gunnison Great Sand Dunes Rocky Mountain Grand Tetons Yellowstone Glacier