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Sacred’s Vlog #6: LEAVING HAWAII! Noooooooooo!!!!

Thumbs up for more VLOGS! Today was our last day here in Hawaii. No more Sacred / Stephanie vlogs for a while now. BACK TO WoW!! Stephanie’s Channel: www.youtube.com Music: by Feint found at: www.youtube.com Permission to use was given. For More WoW Arena Videos: www.youtube.com

On Date street in Honolulu Hawaii

I just left Jack in the Box and was driving home from Waikiki Beach. I thought how lucky I am to live in Hawaii on this March day. Even the not so pretty area is nice. If you look to the left side you will see Waikiki highrises. I use to drive this street alot when I lived down on Diamond Head and when my nephew Matt lived there……good memories.


Some things I learned while on vacation. Watch me die to death at the end. ** LINKS ** Turtle BUTT BREATHING (my sister taught me about this while we were in Hawaii): www.straightdope.com The best turtle butt-breather: en.wikipedia.org