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Rothschild Zionists Threaten Organiser of David Icke Events in Hawaii With ‘Consequences’ If He Doesn’t Cancel www.davidicke.com www.davidicke.com www.davidicke.com www.infomaticfilms.com

Cal Maritime In the News – Hawaii Summer Training Voyage Port Call

The California Maritime Academy’s Training Ship Golden Bear called Honolulu at the end of June, 2010 at the midway point of four months of summer training voyages on the Pacific. The “changeover” call enables students and crew from the first two-month voyage to debark and a second contingent of students and faculty to come on board for a repeat transit to Asia – Japan, Korea and Guam and then return to the Vallejo, CA campus following a call in Seattle at the end of August. While in Honolulu, local TV stations chatted with students and alumni about the school and the training experience.

What’s Happening This Month – July 2012

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“Strictly SIR” – OUT on 01/29/2010!! For more information, please visit my website: www.myspace.com The promo single “Closer (I gotta Feeling)” by Ne-Yo will be released on 01/22/2010 and have its world premiere on the Belgian station Radio Contact on their show “Les Mix de Contact”. 🙂 TRACKLIST 01) Ne-Yo – Closer (I gotta Feeling) 0:00 02) Monrose – Strictly Physical (You’re Hot’n’Cold) 0:31 03) Nelly Furtado feat. Aaliyah & Missy Elliott – Do it (If your girl only knew …) 0:56 04) John Legend – Save Room (You can get it) (Summer 2009 Version) 1:22 05) Aaliyah – Rock the Boat (SIR’s Sunset Remix) 1:47 06) Selena – Bidi Bidi Bom Bom (SIR’s Hawaii Remix) 2:12 07) Leona Lewis feat. Kanye West – Bleeding Love (I’ll be Stronger) 2:38 08) 2Pac – Changes (Say it Right!) 3:03 09) OneRepublic feat. Timbaland – Apologize (What you don’t know) 3:28 10) Monrose – What you don’t know (I Apologize) 3:54 11) Nelly Furtado – Say it Right (Or you fall) (SIR’s House Remix) 4:19 12) Rihanna feat. Jay-Z – Umbrella (Canon Rock Remix) 4:44 13) Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson & DOE – The Way I Are (JO Jazz Version) 5:10 14) Ich + Ich – Stark (Was du nicht weißt …) 5:36 15) Linkin Park feat. Jay-Z – Numb / Encore (Say it Right) 6:00 16) MIA – Paper Planes (Run This Town) (MIA’s Solo Version) 6:26 “Strictly SIR”, my first mashup-album, will finally be released on January 29th, 2010. After it had been postponed due to the fifth fanclub meeting of Monrose in favor of the “Monrose-Edition” of the

Elena- California Gurls

It’s another Elena AMV! But rather than just Elena being the main focus this time, it’s really more of a video of Elena and her friends (and even Lilo). Oh, and instead of “California Girls”, try to think of it as “Hawaii Girls”. At least the palm tree lyric makes sense at that part! ; ) I’m actually not even a fan of this song, but it’s been stuck in my head ever since I went to the Indiana State Fair back in August. Why they were playing a song about California there, I do not know! Anyway, I hope you all like this video and as always lately, please watch in HD! : ) Episodes Featured: Babyfier Checkers Dupe Holio Lilo & Stitch Mr. Stenchy Phoon PJ Remmy Slick Sprout Stitch Has a Glitch Swapper Swirly Tank The Asteroid Yaarp Song: “California Gurls” by Katy Perry (c) Disney